Brunch: Spilt Milk, Carnegie

by - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Local Favourite: Spilt Milk, Carnegie
Rejoice! I have escaped the confines of working from home (endless cycle of list making, online research/reading, netflix... endless cycle of list making...) and indulged myself with brunch appointment with a friend at a cafe near my home.

Split Milk is a cosy cafe tucked away at the intersection of Neerim Road and Koornang Road in Carnegie. I read that it can get quite busy on the weekend but on a weekday, it is a lovely cafe to wonder in and find some peace. There is an outdoor seating area complete with blankets to keep you warm (Al fresco dining win!) and the cosy feel is reflected with its natural, homely and inviting decor inside - it is no fuss and you could easily find yourself lost in a book, magazine or even writing here. The staff are friendly, helpful but not overly attentive. They are even patient with slow brunch eaters like myself. (I like to take my time...)

I had heard about Spilt Milk from H who mentioned it once or twice as a place that we should go together for breakfast as it is within a short distance from our home. So, I hope he does not feel betrayed that I ventured out to try this cafe without his awesome company on a weekday!

There is a lot to chose from in terms of food even in a small cafe like Split Milk. Their menu is simple but has all that you could want for breakfast, brunch or a light snack. The meals are also adorably named after animals such as 'Zebra', 'Rhino', 'Donkey' to name a few. If you could not find anything you wanted from their menu, their counter display will tempt you with delicious baked goods and pre-made sandwiches. I am looking forward to my next visit to sample the carrot cake  I had my eye on but could not fit in and maybe a nice big pot of tea to go with it. :)
The 'Zebra' - delicious olive sourdough with smashed avocado, sundried tomatoes, bacon and delicious onion jam (I ordered a second portion of the jam) poached eggs are an add-on but necessary to soak up the bread and jam.
I ordered a coffee to start (another first in a long time for me) and the 'Zebra' whilst my friend, Sarah ordered a pot of tea. We sat down and chatted for a long time and it took me a while before I could finish my meal but I cleaned up the plate along with the second portion of onion jam (I am a big fan!) In my opinion, the olive bread and the onion jam really made the dish. Yum!

I was excited about processing these photos because it was the first time I had used my camera to take photos on my own without H being there to help me if I hit a 'photo-block' or needed to ask questions. Overall, my experience at this lovely little cafe has been great and I will definitely be back.

Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!

x Lynnette

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