Coconut Vanilla Cake with Marshmallow Frosting

by - Friday, June 05, 2015

Coconut. Vanilla. Marshmallow. Put these together and it makes for one truly fail safe combination. This cake combines the decadence of the creamy and glossy marshmallow frosting with the fluffy light vanilla cake layers which enhances natural sweetness of the coconut flavours making it the hero of the cake. Whilst this cake may look super epic and daunting to make, it is actually an incredibly simple and FUN layer cake to make and is easily adaptable to all kinds of toppings and frosting creations.

To date, this is the only cake that I have baked which does not have any chocolate in it. Say WHAT?! Don't worry, there is plenty more chocolate in my pantry for another chocolate recipe later this month. I promise. :) 

When I happened across this recipe, I had grand plans to make this one of my three mini birthday cakes that I was going to make for myself. Instead, I made this cake for my colleague, Paul's birthday. I love to bake and as H & I can't always eat all of what I make, I was more than happy to bring along all my recipe tests for everyone's consumption. Plus... there can never be too much cake. Ever.

Sadly, I did not get a photo of the piece of cake as a cake slice as I had to leave work early before the candles were blown and the cake was cut. I managed to get a slice the next day and it was delicious!

Confession. I made extra marshmallow frosting so I could eat it with a spoon whilst frosting this very pretty cake. Beware! it is addictive and will ruin your lunch. 

They are also incredibly pretty when they come off a whisk or a beater. As displayed here.

Coconut Vanilla Cake RECIPE by buti'mhungry

Changes to Recipe:

used the cake recipe from buti'mhungry and it has a photo of what the cake looks from the inside. For the frosting, I used this recipe: Easy 7 minute frosting by shewearsmanyhats. 

I made two changes to the cake mixture recipe to ensure I produced the lightest, fluffiest and moist cake. I separated the room temperature eggs, beat the yolks with the dry ingredients and beat the egg whites separately till they peaked. Once the combined mixture of wet and dry ingredients are ready, I gently fold in my egg whites careful to not stir. Remember to only fold it in until just combined.

The result is a thick, glossy and smooth cake batter that looks good enough to eat even before it goes into the oven. This is something I learnt while making Sally's Baking Addiction many recipes. I now naturally include this process into my cake batter making every time I want a light fluffy cake/cupcake. 

I also lightly toasted the shaved coconut as it wasn't freshly shaved coconut but dried shaved coconut. I tossed it through with a little bit of icing sugar to give it a hint of sweetness.

Yesterday, I celebrated my 31st birthday and whilst I didn't get time to bake myself a birthday cake, I had my fair share of cake and dessert. H took me to a wonderful restaurant with the most spectacular views of Melbourne. It was a clear night filled with a delicious and exciting degustation complete with lots of laughs, smiles and happiness.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! It is a long weekend in Australia (Queen's Birthday) so I am hoping to get some much needed sleep and rest as well as do some baking from this amazing cookbook that H got me for my birthday.

See you all next week!
x Lynnette

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