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by - Saturday, May 30, 2015

Classic Soft Chewy Anzac Biscuits |

Sometimes when I am craving biscuits to go with my tea and I want a quick and easy fix, I turn to the good ol' Anzac Biscuit. It truly is the Unsung Hero of easy baked treats. It's pretty golden colour and beautiful toasted coconut and butter aroma when you are baking them really makes it a crowd pleaser.  

Easy baked sweet treats are easily my favourite. Easy to make, quick to bake and even quicker to eat! I often have all the essential ingredients right there in the pantry, so when I am craving something sweet, I can get my hands dirty, get creative and bake a sweet treat. Granted it will be a slower reward than going the shop, picking a block of chocolate (Whittakers Hazelnut please!) and then gobbling it down, but if you love to bake, you would be using that chocolate for other purposes.

Golden crunchy tops but soft chewy centre, makes Anzac biscuits very addictive!
The Anzac Biscuit (known to some as the army biscuit, anzac wafer or anzac tile) has evolved from a long shelf-life, hard tack biscuit that was used as a bread substitute into an Australian classic. They are most popular when Anzac day is around the corner, but I love eating Anzac biscuits all the time. The original recipe of these biscuits were made to last so they were often super hard and crunchy. Some soldiers would break them up by grinding them to fashion them as porridge due to the oatmeal content of the biscuit. It kept their sugar levels up whilst the oats kept them fuller for longer. 
Remember to let your Anzac biscuits cool properly to get that crunchy outer layer. 
I love a good Anzac bikkie. Whilst they were made way back when to be hard and crunchy,  I prefer Anzac biscuits to have that beautiful golden crunch on the outside and when I break them apart, it is soft, chewy and almost caramel-like on the inside. This almost always means that I prefer to bake my own so I can eat them fresh! Whilst it was made to last during the war, these very rarely last in my household. They have oats in them... surely they are good for you?

To make these awesome biscuits, simply follow the ridiculously easy recipe from (forgive me as I do not have a fancy widget that allows you to print the recipe just yet)
 Soft and Chewy? Dark and Crunchy? Thin and Crispy.  Remember to check out the notes section of the recipe to customise the Anzac Biscuit to your preferred biscuit style.

Just remember to come back and read the rest of the post!

Want to produce that super golden crunch and soft chewy centre? Follow these notes:

#1 - Remember to use Rolled Oats. 
None of that instant stuff. Your biscuits will collapse.

# 2 - To have the soft and chewy centre but crunchy top. 

1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of caster sugar. Make sure that as soon as the tops become golden even if it is not quite the 15 minutes bake time, take them out and let them cool.

#3 - Let it Cool. Let it Cool. 

I made the mistake of quickly gobbling down my first batch (I just can't help myself!) the crunchy top had to set yet so it was just a soft cookie however it was still super tasty. The next batch after cooling was just amazing. My tea loved that biscuit! So yes, remember to cool for 10 minutes till the crunchy tops form. 

#4 - Seal it tight. 

Got a cute biscuit jar or tin? Use it. Once these babies cool, (unless they are the thin and crunchy ones) you will want to store them to prevent them from going stale. To be enjoyed later. (i.e 5 mins later)

Do you love Anzac biscuits as much as I do? Have you got a fail-safe always amazing recipe you would like to share? I am always looking to improve my recipe collection. I would love to hear from you. Send me your blog links :) x

To end this Saturday quick bake post, I would like to shout out to my wonderful friend Chloe a very Happy 30th Birthday! She is easily one of the most talented people I know. She is artistic, an awesome published kitchen designer and a ridiculously talented baker. She bakes the world a better place and I am sure all bakers out there do too. You all rock! :) 

Happy Saturday! Have the most wonderful weekend.

x Lynnette

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