A Thousand Blessings

by - Saturday, July 25, 2015

Since becoming the owner of a Sony A6000 camera, I have really discovered the joy of photography. I have in fact become quite a big fan of photographing food. There is something so incredibly indulgent about photographing a beautiful dish that reflects the time, thought and love put in to create something so beautiful. Whilst, it was a giant and significant quality leap from an iPhone to a proper camera, my love for my little but powerful camera and 35mm prime lens continues to grow. I cannot imagine photographing food without it. iPhone photos simply do not cut it anymore as you can see from the photo above. As you may or may not have realise yet, this entire blog is now a live homage to my growing passion for eating and food photography. 

When I saw these sweet treats that my friends Nicole and Michael purchased from A Thousand Blessings Cafe in Richmond, I knew I had to apologise in advance and whip out the camera to photography these beautiful creations. The timing could not be more perfect with wonderful light streaming into their beautiful home (wishing I had photos of those to share!) as I photographed these.

Yes! I was THAT guy! I did however try to photograph them as quickly as Nicole and Michael made tea and put out pretty Maxwell and Williams plates and tea cups for afternoon tea. The best!

I can truly say that these are the most beautiful photos of food I have ever photographed. Not only did they look mouth watering through the lens, they also tasted amazing. I had tested 3 out of the 4 things that were served and my favourite out of the 3 was the layer cake. The Raw Snickers Bar was a close second. I cannot wait to visit the cafe and pick out a few other sweet treats to try. I hear the coffee is pretty good there too. 

A big thank you to Nicole and Michael for introducing me to this cafe and for allowing me to take a few minutes out of tea time to photograph these beauties.

A Thousand Blessings
251 Highett Street, Richmond, Australia
Follow them on Instagram: @athousandblessingscafe

Do you have a favourite dish in your favourite restaurant/cafe (in Melbourne) you would love for me visit/try? I would love to keep practicing my photography and it is always so much fun photographing a chef's beautiful creation rather than just my humble home bakes.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend.

x Lynnette

Pistaschio, strawberry, honey yogurt and freeze dried raspberry layer cake is a WINNER!  
Beautiful, perfectly baked Almond Croissants. Always a crowd favourite. 
Close up on this awesome little sweet treat, a Raw Snickers Bar
A pretty cake on a pretty plate. Afternoon teas are awesome!

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