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A few weeks ago, my lovely future mother-in-law gifted me a beautiful Le Creuset cast iron pot and I could not resist the temptation of making something delicious in it. I chose to try out a bolognese recipe. In all its simple and uncomplicated glory.

The sauce turned out pretty delicious. I should note that this recipe has zero sugar, no carbs, no root vegetables and uses fresh tomatoes and not passata/puree. It smelled amazing and the flavours really started to depend and get that hearty flavour to it as it simmered on low for nearly 4 hours.

This recipe was tweaked in accordance to  my recent recipe experimentations whilst trying out the Low Carb High Fat diet. This is designed to be hearty enough to eat on its own or with zuchinni/carrot pasta. Whilst this recipe packed in some great flavours, it is still not quite the bolognese sauce I have been dreaming off. (thick, rich sauce full of complex tomato flavours and that delicious beefy hearty taste to it). 

Forgive me for the last photo quality. Sadly, an obligatory iPhone photo was necessary as quickly I took this photo and then quickly rushed out the door to get to an afternoon tea date.

Have you got a delicious Bolognese recipe? It doesn't have to be LCHF, would love to try a few more recipes to find one we really love.

A Low Carb High Fat Bolognese
Serves 6
by Lynnette L.
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40g butter
2 tablespoon of coconut oil
2 large brown onions
1 large red onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 kg beef mince
2 gluten free, no sugar added beef sausages (casings removed)
1 kg Roma tomatoes (diced/blitzed in processor)
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes (quartered)
3 zuchinni (diced/blitzed in processor)
2 celery sticks
3 carrots (diced/blitzed in processor)
1 litre beef stock (if doing LCHF, make own beef stock or buy pure stock with no sugar added)
500ml of red wine
splash of Worcestershire & Tabasco sauce (considered Free Foods in the LCHF bible)
3 bay leaves
Parmesan cheese, freshly grated


Heat up butter & coconut oil until hot/melted
Sweat brown and red onions till translucent, then add garlic. Cook for a further minute.
In third portions, cook the mince and sausage meet until browned, stirring constantly
Season well with salt and pepper and once meat is browned add the carrot
Cook for another 2 minutes, stirring constantly
Add the zuchinni and celery, cook vegetables until slightly softened/translucent
Add tomatoes of both varieties and cook for 10 minutes till they start to break down
Scoop out this cooked mix and add it to the cooked beef mixture

Heat up red wine and let the heat cook out the alcohol (it should reduce by half)
Add bay leaves, beef stock and let it cook for another 2 minutes
Add meat and vegetable cooked mix back into the pot and generously add a splash of Worcestershire and tabasco sauce to taste (this is entirely optional)

Cook this in pot on a gentle simmer of 4 hours until tomatoes and vegetables are broken down and soft, stirring occasionally making sure nothing sticks to the pot. Sauce should be a wonderful rich colour and thick. Before serving, retrieve the bay leaves and serve on top of a bed of zuchinni or carrot pasta. Add a generous serving of freshly grated Parmesan or Romano cheese and enjoy!

This recipe was adapted and inspired by Matt Preston's best-ever Bolognese Recipe

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